Host family Kühbacher – Montanaris in Villabassa

We love the mountains.
With all our hearts.

It feels like we have hit the jackpot, because we could hardly imagine a more beautiful place on Earth to call home. We understood that from a young age, when our enthusiasm for various sports was kindled. At some point, it developed into a great fascination for the mountains of South Tyrol, our common fascination. We are Lena and Manuel, your hosts at Montanaris in Villabassa. We would like to share our passion for the mountains with you. Let us tell you about us and our house …

Diplomierter Wanderführer Montanaris

He is the head of the Montanaris, his heart’s project. As a certified hiking guide, he knows the region like the back of his hand and will take you on the most beautiful tours in the Dolomites. In his free time, he also enjoys being out in nature and loves to spend it on the bike paths and ski slopes of the Val Pusteria. He also organises our entire activity programme and the show infusions in the event sauna. With his warm and charming manner, he prepares special feel-good moments for you every day.

Süßen Leckereien - Lena
Lena - Montanaris

She is Manuel’s partner and right hand in the office as well as in looking after the guests. Lena organises the housekeeping and takes care of the decoration of the house. Besides the mountains, she also loves baking and spoils her guests with sweet treats, homemade jams and delicious fruit juices. Always cheerful and in a good mood, she takes care of your well-being and sometimes even entertains you with her accordion while you enjoy a glass of South Tyrolean wine.

Lena - Montanaris
Rosina & Harald

They are Manuel’s parents and help wherever they can. Together they prepare the breakfast baskets and while Rosina takes care of the laundry, Harald can be found in our garden. He takes care of the bushes and makes sure that everything around the house is in order. He is also happy to take the time to have a pleasant chat with our guests.

Housekeeping - Montanaris
Lena - Montanaris
Our housekeeping team

With plenty of commitment, love and joy, they all ensure that the Montanaris shines in its most beautiful splendour and that you can feel completely comfortable in your holiday home from home.

Why „Montanaris“

Those who know us, know that we have lost our hearts to the mountains. To the high Dolomite peaks that shine in the evening glow, to the bubbling mountain streams and the wide meadows and coniferous forests around Villabassa. The Montanaris is a tribute to all the beauty that our homeland has to offer – we gratefully want to share this gift with you. You will arrive here as guests and will leave as friends, ready to return here again soon.

Share the mountain love.

Rezeption - Montanaris
The most beautiful stories begin with courage.
The course of events

Courage is fear with an extra step.
We dared to take that step and made our dream of Montanaris come true.

1973 - 1974
1976 - 1986
Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

How it all began …

The year was 1918, when Albert Kühbacher senior bought the Tasenbacher house in Gandlergarten. That quickly became the Villa Kühbacher, whose apartments were rented out to holidaymakers with immediate effect.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

Anxious war years

On 22.02.1945, during the Second World War, American bombers destroyed several buildings near the Villabassa railway station, including Villa Kühbacher.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

Time for a new beginning

Albert Kühbacher Senior rebuilt his villa in the 1950s and developed it into the Pension Kühbacher.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

Change of management

In 1969, daughter Gertrud took over at Pension Kühbacher.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

All new

Gertrud renovated the guesthouse between 1973 and 1974. From then on all rooms were equipped with bathrooms.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris


Between 1976 to 1986, Pension Kühbacher was leased out.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

The next generation ready to go

In 1987, the Pension Kühbacher was in the hands of Gertrud’s son Harald, who undertook a complete renovation of the house. Furnishings, rooms, doors, windows, floors … everything was renewed.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

A new roof over our heads

In 1996 the roof of the pension was renewed and some rooms and bathrooms were also modernised.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

The building extended

In 2005, Harald and his wife Rosina bought the former barn of the neighbouring house “Treindl” with the associated floor space.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

Rebuilt again

The Pension Kühbacher got a new coat of paint and an extension with a dining room and children’s playroom. The car park was relocated and the garden redesigned.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

Room for something new

In 2020/2021, land was purchased around the existing property. What would be built there?

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris

A fresh wind blows through the house

In 2022, Harald and Rosina handed over the Kühbacher and the “Treindl” to their son Juan Manuel, who already had plenty of new plans for his inheritance. Manuel had big plans, the project so close to his heart was soon to be realised: the Montanaris. A house that would reflect his passion for the mountains, for guests who share them.

The renovation would begin in September 2022.

Bergphilosophie - Montanaris


In June 2023, the time would finally come. All the tinkering and planning as well as the sleepless nights have paid off and the Montanaris in Villabassa opened its doors. We, Lena and Manuel, can now live our dream, day after day.

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